I Needed That


On Mondays and Wednesdays my three year old son attends preschool, which allows me to run on the treadmill while my daughter naps. I woke up at 7, feeling refreshed from going to bed earlier the night before and grabbed my much needed cup of coffee. An hour and a half later, I was on my way to drop Jackson off at school, so that I can get to “work” on time. I use work loosely because I am a stay at home mom, however I work at my church Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-12 and at a nearby church on Sundays 8-1pm. Not many hours, but it’s still nice my kids can come with me and socialize with other kids. Both my kids love coming with me, but I just had Reagan today.

After work, Reagan took a nap and I headed straight for my treadmill. A very light speed session, which I just what I needed. I warmed up with a 8:11 mile, 6:24 mile, 4:05 .5 mile jog, 6:17 and a .5 mile cool down. Followed that with Whole Foods Whey Protein shake and I was good to go. It felt great to run fast after resting since Austin Marathon, and I can’t wait to race this weekend! Hubs just got home with a bottle of red, that’s all I have for now.

Until next run,