Biggest Loser Half Marathon Recap: Austin

There’s a first time for everything. After battling some minor metarsal pain, I was unsure of how I was going to do at Biggest Loser Half Marathon. Race day approached pretty quickly and I was super stoked to have two friends joining me!

My neighbor and I left my house at 5am and picked up my friend Amy. Packet pick up started at 6am, and we wanted to get there early enough to not have to wait in the mob. A brisk 48 degrees made for a chilly morning but ideal racing conditions. It was a blast traveling with these ladies, discussing race strategies, fears and anxieties. We were in this together. 

Pre-race breakfast was the usual: a banana, a clif bar and a coffee. We arrived at Cedar Park Middle School with plenty of time to spare. We were first for packet pickup, and took the time to pretend we were models.


It was a chilly 48 degrees so we hung out in my car and that’s when I discovered my I never charged my watch the night before. Ultimate pre-race fail . At 7:00am we headed for gear check and our last bathroom stop. There were over 1,000 people at this race and only about 15 or so porta-potties and you can only imagine what kind of fiasco this creates when it’s getting close to starting time. Needless to say, I heard the announcer say a minute to start time and I tried my hardest to get the the front. With the ten second countdown, I found myself stuck in the 11:00 pace group, and they decided to do a wave start and I watched the first group take off. I knew I needed to make up a ton of time in the first mile if I was going to place at all. My GPS watch didn’t have enough juice left to pick up satellite so I opted for Chrono setting which meant no mile splits. I was screwed.
I took off a whole minute behind the first group and ran as hard as I could to make up time I had lost. I went through my first mile in 5:50ish, and that is the only mile split I know. I passed a lot of people in the first mile and by mile 2 I had caught up to the third place girl. I ran with her until mile 3, and took off. I ran 100% by myself for the remainder of the race. I was lucky enough to have a bike escort whose mere shadow on the rode kept me from feeling so alone on the road. I drank water at ever water stop and took my gu at mile 6. I crossed the line in 1:27:44, another PR in the books and a surprising 6:42 pace per mile. I was 1st female and 3rd overall finisher out of 620! It’s amazing how fast you can run when you don’t know your splits. Prior to this race, I told myself I would be happy if I could just run 7:00 pace. I exceeded my goals and couldn’t have been any happier. The course was through some residential areas with a very long straight away from mile 7 to the finish. I mean really long straight away. Overall, it was a great race and I’m happy with how my 5th half marathon went, especially after two hard marathons. image
Amy and Stacey rocked their races!! It was such a fun morning! Afterwards, I hurried back home and Matt and I took the kids to the Valero Texas Open (PGA tour) on San Antonio. I was tired from the morning but it was awesome to spend sometime as a family since Matt works such long hours.



Oh! And thank you to those whole voted for me in the Sweatybands contest, because I’m excited to announce I WON!!
Not a bad weekend to have won my first race ever and to have won a contest!!

Have you ever won anything? What’d you win?