I’m Heading to Chicago!!

Happy Friday!

I haven’t updated in a bit. Balancing my home life,kids, and running can take a lot out of me. I have no idea how mom’s who work do it. Kudos to those who are able to do it all, I know I get overwhelmed at times. 

Running hasn’t taken a back seat (not sure it ever will) now that I have qualified for guaranteed entry into the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! So so excited to go to my first big race (and I thought Austin was big at 20,000!). I know it will be amazing to be among 45,000 marathoners! I love that it is a marathon where all 45,000 participants are tackling 26.2 miles together! Extremely thankful for my MIL who will watch them and even more thankful for a husband who doesn’t mind planning vacations around my marathons!

Love .

Love .

Since I have Biggest Loser half Marathon in TWO days (um, when did that happen), I’ve been running lower mileage than normal. Happy dance for some low mileage! Coupled with unintentional cross training (rollerblading with Bruno, biking with both kids and Bruno.)

Yes, I’m insane. But I love it. The kids love it. And this guy really loves it:


I hope all that rollerblading with him pays off on Sunday! So excited!