Did I Mention?

I love sweatybands!!! Like love love love!! They have a Velcro backing which keep them from falling out. I have run two full marathons with them and I’ll never go back to my old headbands. You better believe I’ll be sporting my sweatybands during tomorrow’s marathon. Speaking of which, I would really love to win a set of sweaty bands with your help!!! You can vote once a day! I’m currently in third, and well lets face it. I want to be first!!

You can vote here: http://www.sweatybands.com/en/hot-looks?pid=%7BA78FCD61-E21E-4878-8152-32D28A133901%7D&hid=%7B09C80A52-A563-4EB8-89ED-F5B8D3C7685C%7D#sthash.J8JWChTx.gbpl


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