38 hours to go

38 hours to go before I toe the line at Army Marathon, just two weeks after I finished in 3:21:26 at Austin Marathon. Mentally and physically, I think I’m ready, but part of me is second guessing myself. Still, I can’t wait to run another 26.2 miles for fun. It’s really the only time I get to myself without my husband or kids. I actually am looking forward to leaving my house at 4am to make the long drive to Killeen! The kind folks at Army Marathon are kindly allowing me to pick up my race packet on Sunday morning, so I’ll be heading out early to meet them in Killeen. A point to point course, with a rolling downhill elevation, so looking forward to it!!

I worked at my church again this morning and was lucky enough to get in four “shakeout” miles on my treadmill once I got home.

Pumped for marathon #3!

Pumped for marathon #3!

Afterwards, I loaded up the crew (kids and the dog) for a trip to Bruno’s favorite off leash trail at Auditorium Shores in Austin. Since tomorrow is a “do nothing but sit on my butt all day” kind of day, I needed to wear out the dog and kids. They loved dipping their toes in the water and watching “big brother Bruno” play with the other dogs.



A quick stop at P.Terry’s Burger Stand for burgers and fries for the kiddos and our trip was complete! Lucky for me, the kids go to bed at 6:30, and I’ll be able to catch up on Real housewives with red wine after a really busy day.

Until the next run,



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