Taper Madness

Taper week sucks. Tapering, running a marathon and then tapering and running another marathon in a span of two weeks really sucks. I’m itching to run, but can’t. I am interested to see how I will feel come race morning this weekend. 

ImageThat’s right folks, a thunderstorm is predicted!! I really hope the marathon gods are playing tricks on me for now. Since I ran an easy 4 yesterday (7:41 pace), I’ll do a light speed session tomorrow of 2 x 1600 and call it a day for a total of 4. I really miss putting in some 50+ mile weeks and it’s only been 3 weeks since that’s happened 😳 With a half marathon on the calendar at the end of March, I hope to be working on my speed. With two toddlers, I am forever grateful for my Norditrack treadmill. It has been my saving grace, and I absolutely have grown to LOVE treadmill running. Ill have to devote a whole post for my love of the treadmill, and hopefully you too will grow to accept what many dread!


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